what is slurry sealing truck?
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what is slurry sealing truck?
Release Time:2023-08-18
The slurry sealing truck is a kind of road maintenance equipment. It was born in 1980s in Europe and America. It is a special equipment gradually developed according to the needs of road maintenance.

Slurry sealing vehicle (micro-surfacing paver) is named as the slurry sealing truck because the aggregate, emulsified bitumen and additives used are similar to the slurry.It can pour durable bitumen mixture according to the surface texture of the old pavement, and isolate the cracks on the pavement surface from water and air to prevent further aging of the pavement.Because the aggregate, emulsified bitumen and additives used are like slurry, it is called slurry sealer.

As with previous road repairs, when repairing damaged roads, road maintenance workers use construction signs to isolate the working section, and passing vehicles have to detour. Due to the long construction time, it brings great inconvenience to vehicles and pedestrians. However, slurry sealing vehicles are used in busy road sections, parking lots, and airport access roads. After a few hours of disconnection, the repaired road sections can be reopened. The slurry is waterproof, and the road surface repaired with the slurry is skid-resistant and easy for vehicles to drive.
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1. Material supply start/stop automatic sequence control.
2. Aggregate exhausted automatic shut-off sensor.
3. 3-way Teflon-lined steel valve self-feeding system.
4. Anti-siphon water supply system.
5. Heated water jacket emulsified bitumen pump (hot water provided by truck radiator).
6. Water/additive flow meter.
7. Drive shaft directly (no chain drive).
8. Cement silo with built-in loosener.
9. Cement variable speed feeding system associated with aggregate output.
10. Pavement spray and pavement joint sprinklers.
11. A hydraulic vibrator with automatic amplitude adjustment is installed in the aggregate bin.
12. Quickly clean the emulsified bitumen filter.