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Global Application of Our Products
From earthwork and rock construction to road construction and material processing of aggregate business, our products are used all over the world. Learn how to use our single source solution to significantly reduce project costs.
Asphalt Processing
asphalt processing: Asphalt material is formed by the residue after distillation of coal or petroleum. By adding different material ratios and processing methods, different asphalt (modified emulsion recovery and regeneration) is produced for various road projects
Road Maintenance
Road Maintenance: Highway is an important infrastructure for national economic construction. The development of highway construction and maintenance is becoming more and more important. However, due to the repeated action of vehicle load and the erosion and destruction of natural factors, the functional performance of highway in the late use is poor. In order to meet the demand of increasing social economy for highway service quality and realize the expected service life and function of highway engineering, it is necessary to strengthen the highway maintenance management.
Road Construction
Road Construction: Road construction plays an important role in promoting economic development. Road construction can not only improve the rapid transportation capacity of goods, but also speed up the flow of people, thus promoting economic development. Road construction also plays an important role in improving the quality of life of residents. Good road traffic conditions can facilitate people's travel and provide residents with more convenient life services. For example, the renovation of urban roads can reduce traffic congestion, shorten people's commuting time and improve residents' quality of life.
Airport Construction
The requirements of modern aircraft on airport roads are not only that they should have sufficient strength, but also that they should have the passability to meet the requirements of high-speed taxiing of aircraft. The runway pavement should have appropriate roughness (skid resistance) and good smoothness. Qualified airstrips need to meet the requirements of strength, roughness and flatness at the same time, in order to ensure the safety and comfort of aircraft during takeoff and landing, and to extend the service life of aircraft and runway.