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Hot Mix Asphalt Plants
Hot Mix Asphalt Plant
Batch Mix Asphalt Plant (fixed type) Factory
Hot Mix Plants
Hot Mix Asphalt Plants
Hot Mix Asphalt Plant
Batch Mix Asphalt Plant (fixed type) Factory

Batch Mix Asphalt Plant (stationary type)

Batch Mix Asphalt Plant is a complete set of equipment for mass production of asphalt concrete, available for producing asphalt mixture, modified asphalt mixture, color asphalt mixture, and necessary for building highways, grade highways, municipal roads, airports and ports.
Model: HMA-B700 ~ HMA-B5000
Product Capacity: 60t/h ~ 400t/h
Highlights: Adoption of weighting type metering makes grading ratio more accurate. Easy to calibration and maintenance, strong adaptability of mass production.
Product Parameters
Batch Mix Asphalt Plants (fixed type) Technical Parameters
Model No. HMA-B700 HMA-B1000 HMA-B1500 HMA-B2000 HMA-B3000 HMA-B4000 HMA-B5000
Cold Aggregate Bin
Nos × Volume
4×7.5m³ 4×7.5m³ 4×11m³ 5×11m³ 6×16m³ 6×16m³ 6×16m³
Drum Size
Diameter × Length
Ø1.2m×5m Ø1.5m×6.6m Ø1.8m×8m Ø1.9m×9m Ø2.6m×9.5m Ø2.75m×11m Ø2.85m×11m
Fuel Light Oil/Heavy Oil/Natural Gas (optional)
Dust Removal Gravity Dust Collector + Bag Filter
Mixed Capacity 700kg/batch 1000kg/batch 1500kg/batch 2000kg/batch 3000kg/batch 4000kg/batch 5000kg/batch
Mixing Type Horizontal Double Shaft Paddle Type Spiral Vibrating Mixing Device
Finished Product Hopper 15m³ +15m³ 15m³ +15m³ 22m³ +22m³ 30m³ +30m³ 30m³ +30m³
Rated Capacity (5% water content at max.) 60t/h 80t/h 120t/h 160t/h 240t/h 320t/h 400t/h
Standard Occupied Area 25m×30m 30m×35m 35m×40m 40m×45m 40m×55m 40m×55m 45m×60m
Mixture Asphalt-Aggregate Ratio 3%~9%
Filler Proportion 4%~12%
Finished Product Output Temperature 120~140 ℃
Fuel Consumption 5-7 kg/t
Weighing Accuracy  ±0.5% (static weighing), ±2.5% (dynamic weighing)
Finished Product Output Temperature Stability  ±6℃
Dust Emission ≤400mg/Nm3(water dust collector), ≤100mg/Nm3(bag filter)
Noise at Operation Station ≤70 dB(A)
Plant Life ≥70000h

About above technical parameters, Sinoroader reseves the right to change configurations and parameters before order without notifying users, due to the continuous innovation and improvement of technology and production process.
Batch Mix Asphalt Plants (fixed type) Advantageous Features
Stable Quality
Adopting intermittent drying drum and horizontal double shaft mixer, makes mixing very thoroughly, and finished product better in quality.
Accurate Weighing
Aggregates, asphalt, filler are all metered by weighing method, which way is stable and precise.
High Efficiency
Sinoroader’s asphalt mixing plants cover capacity from 60t/h to 400t/h. The plant adopts modular design, easy to install and maintain, quick to relocate and transport.
The whole set of asphalt plant equipment is managed through Siemens PLC to realize remote or local control. It has the functions of proportioning ratio adjustment, automatic scale replenishing, dynamic tracking of asphalt-aggregate ratio, fault diagnosis, fault alarm, etc.
Environment friendly
Pulse type bag filter and gravity dust removal make the powder collected available to be used twice. Noise and dust emission meet the international standards. It can be used in city/town construction.
Flexible heating mode
Light oil/heavy oil/natural gas burner depends on user’s option.
product components
Batch Mix Asphalt Plants (fixed type) Components
Cold Aggregate Feeder
Inclined Belt Conveyor
Drying Drum
Dust Removal
Hot Aggregates Elevator
Enclosed Vibrating Screen
Hot Aggregate Storage Bin
Bitumen Storage Tank
Bitumen Supply System
Filler Storage Silo
Powder Elevator
Metering System
Asphalt Mixer
Control System
product cases.
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