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Micro-Surfacing Paver / Slurry Seal Truck
Multiple Functions Constant Traveling Speed Convenient Maintenance And Reliable Operation
Micro-Surfacing Paver ( Slurry Seal Truck) is a new generation product developed by Sinoroader in accordance with market demand and customer feedback, on the basis of engineering and construction experience, and equipment manufacture practice for many years. It can be used in process of lower seal coat, micro-surfacing, fiber micro-surfacing construction, mainly to treat the pavement diseases of friction resistance reduction, cracks and rut, etc., and enhance skid resistance and water repellency of pavement, to improve the road surface evenness and riding comfort.
Micro-Surfacing Paver
Synchronous Chip Sealer
High Bonding Strength Modular Design Full-Automatic Control Construction Safe And Environment Friendly
Synchronous chip sealing technology has excellent water repellency and skid resistance, as well as good performance of pavement crack treatment. In the case of no aggregate loss, it can ensure the road maintenance performance about 7-10 years. Meanwhile, it is also capable to choose synchronous chip sealer with fibre seal coat device, which sprays bitumen binder, glass fibre, and spreads gravel on them. After rolling compaction, they will form new wearing coat or stress absorbing intermediate layer. This processing is a kind of new technology of road construction and maintenance, by which the sealing structure is a densified mesh tangled structure of interaction materials developed by continuous construction processing, and consists of first bitumen layer, second fibre layer, third bitumen layer and fourth gravel layer.
Synchronous Chip Sealer
Bitumen Sprayer Truck
Stable Performance Reliable Mechanism Simple Structure Convenient Operation
Bitumen Sprayer Truck is a kind of machinery for black pavement construction, which is widely used in construction of highway, urban road, airport and port wharf. The bitumen sprayer can be used to carry and spray liquid bitumen (including hot bitumen, emulsified bitumen, and residual oil) in building or maintenance of bitumen pavement or residual-oil pavement, when adopting bituminous penetration method or bituminous layering surface treatment method. Additionally, it also can supply bituminous binder to the loose earth in-situ for the construction of bituminous stabilized soil pavement or pavement base. It is capable to spray high viscosity modified bitumen, heavy road bitumen, modified emulsified bitumen, and emulsified bitumen, etc. in construction of prime coat, water-proof course, tack coat of high grade highway bituminous pavement. As well, it is also can be used for the bitumen mat coat and spraying in road maintenance, and in construction of county and township road adopting layered pavement process.
Bitumen Sprayer Trucks
Bitumen Sprayer Tanker
Intelligent And One-Man Operation,Even Spraying Available To Spray Emulsified Bitumen,Hot Bitumen And Modified Bitumen, Etc.
Bitumen Sprayer Machine can be divided into two types according to different operate mode, modular unit and trailer type. The former type can be placed on truck, with large volume of bitumen tank, suitable for large-scale pavement engineering and road construction that far away from bitumen supply base. And the latter type adopts single cylinder diesel engine to actuate the bitumen pump to spray bitumen. It is simple in structure and suitable for road maintenance.
Bitumen Emulsion Sprayer
Stone Chip Spreader (hub type)
Good Continuity Spread Evenly Strong Adaptability Easy To Install And Remove
The followers of stone chip spreader cling to the hubs of rear wheels, through which way tipper truck pushes spreader forward. It is convenient to install and remove, easy to connect without vehicle refitting, and not occupied when work finished. And it is also available to adjust the spread width and thickness on demand. Its high efficiency and rapid construction speed are widely praised. This type spreader also has been successfully used in the construction of lower seal coat of highway, and tack coat of layered pavement in road maintenance.
stone chip spreader
Stone Chip Spreader (vehicle mounted)
Convenient Operation Highly Integrated Strong Adaptability Stable Spreading
Stone Chip Spreader is one kind chip spreader mounted on vehicle, at rear of tipping box, easy to install and removal. And it’s widely used in the bituminous macadam surface treatment of prime coat, lower seal coat, chip seal and micro surfacing, etc., and also in aggregate spreading in penetration construction. It is capable to spread stone powder, chip, coarse sand and gravel, and applicated in chip seal construction accompany with bitumen sprayer, by spreading one layer of clean and dry stone chip evenly on the basis of bitumen sprayed already.
Aggregate Chip Spreader
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