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Bitumen Decanter
Hydraulic Flip Over Automatic Operation Energy Saving Modular Integration
The Bitumen Decanting Machine is a kind of equipment to transfer heated bitumen from drum or jumbo bag into storage tank. It consists of delivering system, melting system, heating system, bitumen pump and pipeline system, thermal keeping system, etc. Sinoroader mainly supply 3 types decanting machine, bitumen drum decanter, bitumen bag decanter, bitumen drum & bag decanter, We can also accept customized requirements .
Bitumen Decanter
Polymer Modified Bitumen Plant
Precise Weighing Automatic Temperature Control Modular Design Convenient Transportation
(PMB) Polymer Modified Bitumen Plant is a kind of bitumen deep processing machinery, which can improve the physical property of bitumen or bituminous mixture, through the way of blending additives, also called modifying agents, such as resin, high molecular polymer or other filler, etc. together with bitumen after weighing according to given proportion, and then milling them to be small particles so that modifying agents disperse into bitumen sufficiently.
Polymer Modified Bitumen Plant
Bitumen Emulsion Plant
High Productton Efficiency Strong Adaptiveness Performance Stability Operation Reliabitliy
The Bitumen Emulsion Plant is mainly used for the production of sprayable emulsified bitumen applicated in pavement of prime coat, tack coat, and seal coat, etc. The essence of this plant is to melt bitumen and disperse bitumen in fine particles into water to be some kind of emulsion. It mainly consists of control system, core emulsifying machine components, measuring system, process pipelines, emulsifier dilution tank and pump, etc.
Bitumen Emulsion Plant
Semi-Trailer Bitumen Transport Tanker
It Has Good Thermal Insulation Property large Carrying Capacity And Strong Adaptability
Bitumen transport tanker is used for the long, medium and short -distance transportation of liquid bitumen. It adopts auto ignition diesel burner to heat and maintain the temperature. In addition, it is also used to spray binding bitumen in penetration and surfacing of asphalt pavement maintenance, as well as the surface treatment of high grade plant-mix macadam pavement. The bitumen transport tanker can be designed as self-dumping type, with tilt angle less than 17 degrees, which is convenient to discharge bitumen rapidly. The burner, with air-blasting function, has good heating effect, and is conductive to heat preservation.
Bitumen Transport Tanker
Bitumen Storage Tank
Rapid Heating And Energy Saving Ready-To-Use, Not Easy Aging Convenient Operation Integrated Structure
The bitumen storage tank is out of internal heating type local rapid bitumen storage & heater device series, and is the directly-heated type mobile equipment of the domestic advanced bitumen equipment combined the features of rapid heating, energy saving and environmental-friendly. Not only rapid heating and fuel-efficient, but it is also environmental-friendly and simple to operate.
Bitumen Tank Container
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