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mobile mix asphalt plant
mobile asphalt plant
mobile batch mix asphalt plant
batch mix asphalt plant
mobile mix asphalt plant
mobile asphalt plant
mobile batch mix asphalt plant
batch mix asphalt plant

Batch Mix Asphalt Plant (mobile type)

HMA-MB serie asphalt plant is mobile type batch mix plant developed independently according to the market demand. Each functional part of whole plant is separate module, with travelling chassis system, which makes it easy to relocate being towed by tractor after being folded. Adopting quick power connection and ground-foundation-free design, the plant is easy to install and capable to start production rapidly.
Model: HMA-MB1000, HMA-MB1500, HMA-MB2000
Product Capacity: 60t/h~160t/h
Highlights: HMA-MB Asphalt Plant is specially designed for small and medium-sized pavement projects, for which the plant may have to frequently relocate. Complete plant can be dismantled and reinstalled in 5 days (transport time not inclusive).
Batch Mix Asphalt Plant (mobile type) Technical Parameters
Model No. HMA-MB1000 HMA-MB1500 HMA-MB2000
Rated Capacity
(standard condition)
60~80t/h 100~120t/h 140~160t/h
Rated Mixer Volume 1000 kg 1500 kg 2000 kg
Drum Size
Ø1.5m×6.6m Ø1.8m×8m Ø1.9m×9m
Mixture Asphalt Aggregate Ratio 3%~9%
Filler Proportion 4%~10%
Finished Product Output Temperature 150~180 ℃
Fuel/Coal Consumption ≤6.5kg/t(10~12kg/t)
Aggregate Filler Weighing Accuracy ±0.5% (static weighing), ±2.5% (dynamic weighing)
Asphalt Weighing Accuracy ±0.25% (static weighing), ±2.0% (dynamic weighing)
Finished Product Output Temperature Stability ±5℃
Dust Emission ≤50mg/Nm³ (bag filter)
Ambient Noise ≤85 dB(A)
Noise at Operation Station ≤70 dB(A)
About above technical parameters, Sinoroader reseves the right to change configurations and parameters before order without notifying users, due to the continuous innovation and improvement of technology and production process.
Batch Mix Asphalt Plant (mobile type) Advantageous Features
Personalized Service
Personalized & customized function of equipment, manufactured by professional artisan team with quality assurance.
International Brand Components & Parts
Adopting international famous brand components & parts make the production stable and efficient.
Modular Design
Full functional plant consists of separate modules, each of which equips with travelling chassis system.
Easy Relocation
Easy to relocate being towed by tractor after been folded.
Rapid Production
Connecting electric circuits and pipelines after relocation, commissioning and production can be started.
High Adaptability of Site & Cost Saving
Adopting ground-foundation-free design, the plant equips with retractable landing gear and adjustable steel structure foundation, reducing the costs of foundation making due to relocation.
Batch Mix Asphalt Plant (mobile type) Components
Cold Aggregates Feeding System (Mobile Unit 1)
Drying Drum (Mobile Unit 2) 
Bag House Dust Removal (Mobile Unit 3) 
Mixing Tower (Mobile Unit 4) 
Bitumen Storage System (Mobile Chassis for choose)
Filler Silo (Mobile Chassis for choose)
Control Room (Mobile Chassis for choose)
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