160t/h (RAP) Recycling Asphalt Plant in Yuzhou Henan
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160t/h (RAP) Recycling Asphalt Plant in Yuzhou Henan
Release Time:2022-06-23
This RAP Recycled Hot Mix Asphalt Production Plant in Yuzhou is the municipal government project, and it has been successfully used by Xuchang Municipal Government.
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On the basis of many years of experience in construction experience and absorbed advanced experience at home and abroad, Sinoroader  Asphalt Recycling Mixing Plant(RAP)series has solved the big problem of adhesion which the asphalt regenerated material in the recycling operation for the normal additional asphalt though independent innovation research and development. It can keep the normal production of the asphalt mixing plant and add a certain proportion of asphalt recovery to stir in the mixing cylinder with aggregate, so as to increasing output and reduce the cost of production in operation. Asphalt Recycling Plant RAP Series adds asphalt recycling equipments on LB Series; by using hot recycling technology, recycled asphalt mixtures are conveyed into mixer and mixed with aggregate and filler to produce new asphalt with good quality. RAP Series can fully make use of old asphalt mixture, save fuel and material, reduce pollution and waste, bring better economic and environmental benefits for clients.