Drum asphalt mixer is more practical for road contractors
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Drum asphalt mixer is more practical for road contractors
Release Time:2023-07-18
China asphalt drum mixers by manufactured by Sinoroader are known for reliability. drum asphalt mixing plant is low on running cost, maintenance and high on production.

Drum mixing plant is a continuous type of asphalt plant. It does all its process in a continuous manner. Heating of aggregate is done inside a drum. Inside the same drum, mixing with bitumen and filler material takes place. The ready hot mix asphalt is then loaded into silos or waiting trucks.
Drum asphalt mixer_1

Drum mix plants have components like cold feeder bins, weighing conveyor, drying and mixing drum with burner, bitumen tanks. They also feature filler hopper, wet dust scrubber, charging conveyor, control panel and optional silos for hot storage.

A drum mix plant producing asphalt will do so in its different method. It will have its own advantages and features when compared with any other type. One of the top benefits will include its easy operation, maintenance and low initial cost of investment. A drum plant is always preferred for its ability to quickly produce hot mix asphalt in short period of time.
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We offer full package to road contractors for complete peace of mind and we want them to concentrate on their core business without worrying about the equipment.