The dust bag filter for asphalt mixing plant
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The dust bag filter for asphalt mixing plant
Release Time:2023-09-06
Dust bag filter is one of our company's products, it is an important part of asphalt mixing plant,The quality of Sinosun dust bag filter is very good in the industry, and the price has a good reputation in the market. 

Asphalt concrete mixing plant is also called asphalt mixing plant,it is a raw material supply plant in road construction and road maintenance.

asphalt mixing plant production process consists of mixing, drying, screening and other parts,put the aggregate and bitumen into the drum and heat it, then mix the aggregate, lime powder and hot asphalt to form asphalt concrete and lay it on the road surface for use. During this process, a large amount of smoke and dust will be generated. The temperature of the dust and flue gas in the dust collector is as high as 120°C-220°C, the humidity of the flue gas is 5-15%, the dust concentration is below 30g/m3, and the diameter of the dust particles is mostly 10 Between -15μm, the asphalt mixing plant dust removal bag produced by Sinosun is an ideal filter material. Various models can be made at will, and the delivery is fast, ensuring that the service life of the dust removal bag is about 400,000 tons of mixing materials.
 The Dust bag filter for asphalt mixing plant_1 The Dust bag filter for asphalt mixing plant_2
Sinosun dust filter bags can operate continuously at a temperature of 204°C (instantaneous temperature of 250°C) and can withstand repeated instantaneous temperature fluctuations of 250°C. At the same time, they have outstanding dimensional stability. 1% heat shrinkage, good high temperature stability.Good chemical resistance will not be affected by low concentration of acid and alkali and most hydrocarbons, even a small amount of fluoride will not corrode it significantly. The filter material has been proven to be widely used in the field of high-temperature filtration, and it can maintain high strength and high wear resistance after long-term use.

The asphalt mixing plants are to connect various relatively independent units to form an asphalt production system centered on the mixing main unit. These units mainly include: cold silo unit, drying drum, burner, hot aggregate hoist, vibrating screen, metering system, mixing cylinder, finished product silo, asphalt heating system, dust removal system, powder system, control system, Pneumatic system, etc.