Three advantages of vehicle-mounted aggregate chip spreaders
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Three advantages of vehicle-mounted aggregate chip spreaders
Release Time:2023-07-28
With high standard spreading uniformity the aggregate chip spreader Can replace heavy manual work, and eliminate environmental pollution. It has been widely used in highway construction and road maintenance projects. Its reasonable and reliable design ensures accurate spreading width and Thickness, electrical control is stable and reliable.

aggregate chip spreaders are mainly used for aggregate, stone powder, stone chips, coarse sand, crushed stone and asphalt in the surface treatment method of the asphalt pavement, the lower seal layer, the stone chip seal layer, the micro-surface treatment method and the pouring method. Gravel spreading operation; easy to operate and safe to use.
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Sinoroader vehicle mounted type of  Stone Chip Spreader is specially designed to spread aggregate/chips in road construction. During construction, hang it on the rear of the dump truck compartment, and tilt the dump truck full of gravel at 35 to 45 degrees; adjust the opening of the material door according to the actual situation of the operation to realize the amount of gravel scattered; The amount of spreading can be changed by the motor speed. The two must work together. And the width of the spreading surface and the spreading position can be controlled by closing or opening part of the gate. Various performances have caught up with and surpassed similar foreign products. The advantages are as follows:

1. This model of Chip Spreader is driven by the truck by its traction unit and moves backward during working. When truck is empty, it is released manually and another truck attaches to the Chip Spreader to continue to work.
2. It is mainly composed of a traction unit, two driving wheels, drive train for auger and spreader roll, spread hopper, braking system, etc.
3. The application rate can be adjusted by rotation speed of spread roll and main gate opening. There are a series of radial gates that are readily adjustable to the desired spread width.