Malaysia 10m3 slurry sealer truck For Asphalt Pavement
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Malaysia 10m3 slurry sealer truck For Asphalt Pavement
Release Time:2020-05-22
In Southeast Asian countries, the 10m3 slurry sealer truck is very popular. This 10m3 slurry sealer truck is aslo favored by our Malaysian customer.
this truck is used Polymer-modified, cold-mix paving treatment known as micro seal or micro surface.
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The Road Asphalt Micro-surfacing Slurry Sealer truck has many advantages:
UV Protection: A new micro surface provides excellent protection from the intense Southwestern sun exposure.
Extends Pavement Life: While it wont cure any major structural issues with the pavement or sub base underneath, it can add up to 7+ years to the lifespan of a pavement.
Durability: Creates a new, stable wearing surface that is resistant to rutting and shoving in the summer and to cracking in the winter.
Cost-Effective: Less expensive than a new asphalt overlay.
Fast Dry Time: In many cases, we can have your pavement surface sealed and ready for your customers or patrons to use in a few hours (cures in under an hour in most desert climates)!