Sinoroader asphalt mixing plant brings you the different experience
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Sinoroader asphalt mixing plant brings you the different experience
Release Time:2023-12-08
As a professional manufacturer of asphalt mixing equipment, we at Sinoroader have been concentrating on research and development, constantly introducing technology from domestic and foreign counterparts, and striving to make our Sinoroader asphalt mixing plants the best in the industry. Let me tell you about the characteristics of our asphalt mixing equipment.
The overall layout is compact, the structure is novel, the floor space is small, and it is easy to install and transfer.
Sinoroader asphalt mixing plant brings you the different experience_1Sinoroader asphalt mixing plant brings you the different experience_2
The cold aggregate feeder, mixing building, finished product warehouse, dust collector, and asphalt tank are all modularized for easy transportation and installation.
The drying drum adopts a special-shaped material lifting blade structure, which is conducive to forming an ideal material curtain, making full use of heat energy and reducing fuel consumption. It adopts imported combustion device and has high thermal efficiency.
The whole machine adopts electronic measurement, which ensures accurate measurement.
The electrical control system uses imported electrical components, which can be programmed and individually controlled, and can be controlled by a microcomputer.
The reducer, bearings, burners, pneumatic components, dust removal filter bags, etc. configured in key parts of the entire machine are all imported parts, fully ensuring the reliability of the entire equipment operation.
Don’t think it is just a simple asphalt mixing system. Our equipment is also equipped with cold material supply system, drying system, dust removal system, powder system, electrical control system, high-efficiency screening system, mixing system, combustion system, Thermal oil heating asphalt equipment.
When purchasing asphalt mixing equipment, you must find a professional manufacturer. Our Sinoroader will be your best choice!