Sinoroader 4m3 asphalt spreader truck will be shipped to Mongolia
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Sinoroader 4m3 asphalt spreader truck will be shipped to Mongolia
Release Time:2024-03-05
Recently, Sinoroaderhas been receiving continuous export orders, and the latest 4m3 fully automatic asphalt spreading truck that has rolled off the production line has been fully equipped and ready to be shipped to Mongolia. This is another important order for Sinoroader after exporting to Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Angola, Algeria and other countries. It is also another important order for Sinoroader. Another major achievement in expanding the international market. Asphalt spreader truck is a kind of special road construction equipment, widely used in the construction and maintenance of asphalt pavement. If you need to export asphalt spreader trucks to Mongolia, Sinoroader will be your head partner. Sinoroader has many years of production experience in the special vehicle industry. We understand our customers' needs well and are able to provide products that meet international standards. We focus on product quality and performance, and all products undergo strict quality control and testing to ensure their reliability and durability. Sinoroader can provide personalized solutions according to customer needs, including vehicle configuration, appearance design and functional options.
Mongolia 4m3 asphalt spreader truck_1Mongolia 4m3 asphalt spreader truck_2
The fully automatic asphalt spreading truck is one of the series of asphalt spreading machinery products that is simple to operate, economical and practical, and is developed by our company based on many years of experience in engineering construction and equipment design and manufacturing, combined with the current development status of highways. It is A kind of construction equipment for spreading emulsified asphalt, diluted asphalt, hot asphalt, thermal modified asphalt and various adhesives.
If you are looking for asphalt spreader trucks, Sinoroader will be your head partner. We have rich production experience, high-quality products and customized solutions, and are committed to providing customers with global after-sales services. Please feel free to contact us and we will serve you wholeheartedly.