Vietnam HMA-B1500 asphalt mixing plant completed installation and commissioning
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Vietnam HMA-B1500 asphalt mixing plant completed installation and commissioning
Release Time:2023-07-27
Sinoroader Group received a good news from our overseas market department. One set of HMA-B1500 asphalt mixing plant has completed the installation and commissioning in Vietnam, and will soon start serving the local road construction in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. 

In 2021, Sinoroader Group overcame the impact of the COVID-19, continued to expand our overseas business, achieved new breakthroughs in Vietnamese market and successfully signed this set of asphalt mixing plant.
Vietnam HMA-B1500 asphalt mixing plant_1Vietnam HMA-B1500 asphalt mixing plant_2
Sinoroader HMA-B series of asphalt mixing plants widely used in various grade highways and airports, dams and other places, with its high-quality, quality service, by the majority of clients. This asphalt plant adopts a modular design, which is easy to install, compact in structure, small in floor space, and can adapt to the needs of rapid relocation of the construction site and the working conditions of installation and discharge, and is favored by Vietnamese customers. 

The new generation of HMA-B series asphalt plants independently developed by Sinoroader can realize frequent relocation and adapt to the working conditions of rapid relocation and installation of construction sites. It is mainly for overseas markets and domestic small-scale new repair and maintenance asphalt markets.

In recent years. As Sinoroader Group has been deeply involved in overseas markets, we have achieved good results.  With high cost performance and thoughtful after-sales service, our Asphalt Mixing Plants have won the recognition of overseas customers and established a good brand impression.