Sinoroader asphalt distributor wins the trust of the African market
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Sinoroader asphalt distributor wins the trust of the African market
Release Time:2023-08-22
The asphalt distributor truck is an intelligent and automated high-tech product for professionally spreading emulsified bitumen, diluted bitumen, hot bitumen, high-viscosity modified bitumen, etc. It is used for spraying the penetration layer oil, waterproof layer and bonding layer of the bottom layer of bitumen pavement in the construction of high-grade highways.

The working layers involved in the asphalt distributor are: 
Oil-permeable layer, surface first layer and second layer. During specific construction, the key point of controlling the quality of bitumen spreading is the uniformity of asphalt spreading, and the bitumen spreading construction is carried out strictly according to the spreading rate. In addition, the on-site commissioning work should be done well before the spreading construction is officially carried out. In order to prevent subsequent bitumen accumulation and other phenomena, during the spreading construction process, blank areas or bitumen accumulation should be avoided as much as possible, and the spreading vehicle must be driven at a constant speed. After the bitumen spreading is completed, if there is a blank or missing edge, it should be sprinkled in time, and if necessary, it should be handled manually. Strictly control the bitumen spreading temperature, the spraying temperature of the MC30 oil-permeable layer should be 45-60°C.
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Like bitumen, the spreading of stone chips will also be applied to asphalt distributors. During the process of spreading stone chips, the amount of spraying and the uniformity of spraying must be strictly controlled. According to the data, the distribution rate stipulated in the African region is: The spreading rate of aggregates with a particle size of 19mm is 0.014m3/m2. The spreading rate of aggregates with a particle size of 9.5mm is 0.006m3/m2. It has been proved by practice that the setting of the above spreading rate is more reasonable. In the actual construction process, once the spreading rate is too large, there will be serious waste of stone chips, and it may even cause the stone chips to fall off, which will seriously affect the final shaping effect of the pavement.

Sinoroader has conducted in-depth research on the African market for many years, and has developed and manufactured a professional intelligent asphalt distributor. The equipment consists of automobile chassis, bitumen tank, bitumen pumping and spraying system, hydraulic system, combustion and heat transfer oil heating system, control system, pneumatic system, and operation platform.  this asphalt distributor truck is easy to operate. On the basis of absorbing various technologies of similar products at home and abroad, it adds humanized design to ensure the quality of construction and highlight the improvement of construction conditions and construction environment. Its reasonable and reliable design ensures the uniformity of bitumen spreading, and the technical performance of the whole vehicle has reached the world advanced level.