Why choose Sinoroader asphalt mixing plants
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Why choose Sinoroader asphalt mixing plants
Release Time:2023-05-22
Sinoroader is a road construction equipment manufacturer integrating R&D, production, sales, technical support, sea and land transportation and after-sales service. We export at least 30 sets of asphalt mix plants, Hydraulic Bitumen Drum Decanter and other road construction equipments every year, now our equipment has spread to more than 60 countries around the world.

With years of development, we’ve established branches in Pakistan, Myanmar, and Rwanda, and attended international trade fairs in Thailand, Peru, Philippines etc.
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Next we will describe that why to choose Sinoroader asphalt mixing equipments, our asphalt plant has many advantages,as:

1. Modular cold aggregate supply system can be synchronous proportional control and automatic adjustment.
2. The heat exchange efficiency of energy-saving drying system reaches 90%.
3. The discharge of efficient environmental bag dust removal system is far beyond the national standard.
4. High reliability air system, which can work continuously in extreme environments of 15-50 degrees.
5. High efficiency large - cycle boiling mixing system with 15% capacity redundancy design.
6. High accuracy weighing system with good stability and automatic error compensation
7. PC+PLC intelligent control system with independent intellectual property rights, easy and stable operation.
In the process of dust removal, in order to ensure that the final emissions can meet the national standards, we need to carry out multiple dust removal procedures.
For asphalt mixing station, the dust removal system mainly includes: first class flue, first class gravity deduster, second class cloth bag deduster,
second class flue and induced fan.Firstly, the dust with large particle size is separated and collected by the gravity dust collector,
and then the fine dust is collected and treated by the bag dust collector.