Xuchang government purchased Sinoroader asphalt recycling plant
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Xuchang government purchased Sinoroader asphalt recycling plant
Release Time:2021-08-11
During road construction and maintenance, a large of stone, asphalt, and fuel will be consumed, and a large of waste gas and soild waste will be generated. Under the background of "double carbon" policy, reducing waste gas emissions, Recycling old asphalt materials is the only way that road construction and maintenance must take to achieve the common goal of carbon neutrality. Xuchang Municipal Government is seeking ways for maximizing the re-use of Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP), so the Government purchased the hot asphalt recycling plant.
Sinoroader asphalt recycling plant_2Sinoroader asphalt recycling plant_2
Hot Recycled Asphalt Plant is a new type of asphalt mixing plant with advanced structure, mainly producing plant-mix hot recycling asphalt, which can achieve superior recycling of asphalt concrete. Milling and collecting waste asphalt mixture from fatigue failed asphalt pavement to process, after screening, heating, storing and measuring, feed it in the mixer of asphalt mixing plant according to different proportions, to mix evenly with the virgin materials to produce excellent asphalt mixture.