The advantages of truck mounted stone chip spreader
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The advantages of truck mounted stone chip spreader
Release Time:2023-08-22
The vehicle mounted chip spreader is a kind of road maintenance mechanical equipment integrating machine, electricity and gas. It consists of 16 material doors, which can be fully opened or a single switch; it has the advantages of convenient operation, uniform spreading, and adjustable spreading width. Features.

The stone chip spreader is mainly used for aggregate, stone powder, stone chips, coarse sand and crushed stone in the surface treatment method of the asphalt pavement, the lower seal layer, the stone chip seal layer, the micro surface treatment method and the pouring method. Spreading of asphalt gravel; easy to operate and safe to use.

Hang chip spreader on the rear of the dump truck compartment during construction, and tilt the dump truck full of gravel at 35-45 degrees;
The amount of crushed stone can be spread by adjusting the opening of the material door according to the actual situation of the operation; At the same time, the amount of spreading can also be changed through the motor speed. The two must work together. During the spreading process, the stone chips in the stone chip transport compartment are lifted up and flow to the rotating spreading roller under the action of its own gravity, and flow to the splitter plate driven by the rotation of the spreading roller. After passing through the splitter plate, the stone chips flow The width is divided from 2300mm to 3500mm, and then evenly spread on the road surface through the lower plate.
stone chip spreader_1stone chip spreader_2
The vehicle-mounted stone chip spreader is suspended behind the compartment of the stone chip transport truck and fastened with bolts. The equipment is light in weight, suitable for the special conditions of the compact site, and the equipment occupies a small area.

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