Colored asphalt pavement construction process
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Colored asphalt pavement construction process
Release Time:2024-03-15
Feeding-paving-forming-rolling colored asphalt pavement has been widely used in foreign highways, bicycle lanes, sidewalks, bus lanes, pedestrian areas, and squares, and has played a good role in beautifying the environment and organizing traffic.
Binder colored asphalt:
It is a new environmentally friendly product developed by our company. This product is added with high-performance asphalt additives, high molecular polymers, brighteners, anti-aging agents, high-viscosity asphalt stabilizers, etc. It is economical, environmentally friendly, has good high-temperature stability, and is resistant to It has the characteristics of good water damage performance, good construction performance, and various indicators of composite heavy traffic asphalt. The color of the pavement is very important to the color durability of the colored pavement, and the final color of the pavement is closely related to the color of the stone.
Colored asphalt pavement construction process_1Colored asphalt pavement construction process_2
product advantages:
Parks and squares beautify the environment and provide people with visual enjoyment. Road traffic management guides traffic and ensures smooth roads. Colorized roads meet the requirements of "greening, coloring and lighting" in new cities. Residential villas improve the overall quality of living.
shipping method:
1. Special heated filling transportation (20-30 tons/tank, can be connected to the mixing building). In this way, the colored asphalt binder is transported in a heating tank, and is sent directly from the heating tank to the measuring barrel of the asphalt mixer. Additional barrel removal equipment is required and there is no barrel removal loss.