When should the sticky layer of bitumen be sprayed during asphalt pavement construction?
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When should the sticky layer of bitumen be sprayed during asphalt pavement construction?
Release Time:2023-09-11
In asphalt pavement construction, emulsified bitumen is generally used as sticky layer asphalt material. When using emulsified bitumen, it is advisable to use fast-breaking emulsified bitumen, or fast and medium-setting liquid petroleum asphalt or coal asphalt.

The sticky layer emulsified bitumen is usually spread some time before the construction of the upper layer. Spreading in advance will cause pollution if vehicles pass by. If it is hot bitumen, it can be spread 4-5 hours before the upper layer is constructed. If it is emulsified bitumen, it should be spread 1 hour in advance. Spreading is best in the evening and traffic is closed. It will be enough in the morning of the second day. It takes about 8 hours for the emulsified bitumen to completely break and solidify. Depending on the season, the lower the temperature, the longer it takes.

The formula for calculating the amount of emulsified bitumen spread is as follows: Spread amount (kg/m2) = (castability rate × road width × sum y) ÷ (emulsified bitumen content × average emulsified bitumen density). -Spreading volume: refers to the weight of emulsified bitumen required per square meter of road surface, in kilograms. -Pouring rate: refers to the degree of adhesion of emulsified bitumen to the road surface after spreading, usually 0.95-1.0. -Pavement width: refers to the width of the road surface where emulsified bitumen construction is required, in meters. -Sum y: refers to the sum of the longitudinal and transverse slope differences of the road surface, in meters. -Emulsified bitumen content: refers to the percentage of solid content in emulsified bitumen. -Average emulsified bitumen density: refers to the average density of emulsified bitumen, usually 2.2-2.4 kg/L. Through the above formula, we can easily calculate the amount of emulsified bitumen spreading required in road construction.
Sinoroader intelligent 6cbm asphalt spreading truck can spread emulsified bitumen, hot bitumen, and modified bitumen; the vehicle automatically adjusts the spray volume as the driving speed changes; each nozzle is controlled individually, and the spreading width can be adjusted freely; hydraulic pump, asphalt pump, The burners and other parts are all imported parts; the thermal oil is heated to ensure smooth spraying of the nozzles; the pipes and nozzles are flushed with high-pressure air to ensure that the pipes and nozzles are not blocked.

Sinoroader intelligent 6cbm asphalt spreader truck has multiple advantages:
1. High viscosity insulated asphalt pump, stable flow and long life;
2. Thermal oil heating + burner imported from Italy;
3. Rock wool insulation tank, insulation performance index ≤12°C every 8 hours;
4. The tank is equipped with heat-conducting oil pipes and agitators, and can be sprayed with rubber asphalt;
5. The generator drives the heat transfer oil pump, which is more fuel-efficient than the vehicle drive;
6. Equipped with a full-power power take-off, the spreader is not affected by gear shifting;
7. The rear working platform can manually control the nozzles (one control, one control);
8. Spreading can be controlled in the cab, no operator is required;
9. German Siemens control system can accurately adjust the spreading amount;
10. The spreading width is 0-6 meters, and the spreading width can be adjusted arbitrarily;
11. The failure rate is low, and the spreading error is about 1.5%;
12. It can be selected according to the actual needs of the user and can be flexibly customized;