what is asphalt pavement paving process?
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what is asphalt pavement paving process?
Release Time:2023-09-13
1. Acceptance at the grassroots level, inspection of materials, machinery and equipment. Check the flatness of the base layer and require all indicators to meet construction standards; check the source, quantity, quality, storage conditions, etc. of raw materials; check the performance and measurement accuracy of construction equipment to ensure normal use of functions.

2. Trial lay the test section, determine various indicators, and formulate a construction plan. The laying length of the test section should be 100M-200M. During the laying stage, determine the combination of machinery, the loading speed of the mixer, the amount of asphalt, the paving speed, width and other indicators of the paver, and formulate a complete Construction plan.
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3. The formal construction stage, including mixing, paving, rolling, etc. of the mixture. Mix the asphalt in the asphalt mixing plant, use a large-tonnage dump truck to transport the mixture to the designated location, and spread the mixture on the base that meets the conditions. After the paving is completed, depressurize the asphalt pavement. Pay attention to paving while paving. pressure.

4. After paving is completed, the asphalt pavement is maintained and can be opened to traffic 24 hours later. The paved asphalt pavement will be isolated to prevent people and vehicles from entering, and it can be opened for use after 24 hours of maintenance. The temperature of the newly paved asphalt is relatively high. If it needs to be used in advance, sprinkle water to cool it down. It can only be used when the temperature reaches below 50℃.