Construction technology of fine surfaces
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Construction technology of fine surfaces
Release Time:2024-05-11
The fine anti-skid surface treatment technology is to spray the epoxy modified asphalt pavement maintenance agent on the old asphalt pavement to penetrate and absorb the micro-cracks when the road quality is excellent. It is combined with special fine sand to form a layer of ultra-high-precision anti-skid surface after a physical and chemical reaction. Thin wear-resistant and slip-resistant protective layer. In order to let everyone understand it better, the editor below would like to explain in detail the construction technology of the fine surface.
Construction technology of fine surfaces_1Construction technology of fine surfaces_2
1. Construction laying out. Confirm the areas that require fine surface construction and use tape to protect the markings.
2. Material preparation. Mix the components of the epoxy asphalt pavement curing agent according to the proportions and stir thoroughly. At the same time, prepare special refined sand for use.
3. Construction equipment debugging. Follow the operating steps of fine surface construction equipment to debug the equipment and install the nozzles. When installing the nozzle, make sure that the center line of the opening seam is 10°~15° with the axis of the fuel injection pipe.
4. Trial construction. Usually, the length of the trial construction section of the fine anti-slip surface treatment technology is 15~20m, mainly through test spraying to verify whether the construction equipment is working properly and whether the various technical parameters are accurate and whether the construction effect is up to standard.
5. Formal construction. After the test spraying is completed and confirmed, the fine surface construction will be officially carried out. If any abnormalities are found during the construction process, inspection and repairs should be made immediately.
6. Finishing and finished product maintenance. When tearing off the tape, you must tear it clean. If it is difficult to tear, you can use a gray knife to remove it. Do not walk on the sprayed road to avoid damaging the working surface. Use finger pressure to confirm whether the material is dry and solidified, and you can pass after it is dry.
The above is the process and steps of the fine surface treatment construction technology explained to you by the editor of the fine surface treatment manufacturer. I hope it can help you better carry out the construction of fine anti-skid surface treatment technology.