What are the costs of operating asphalt mixing plants
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What are the costs of operating asphalt mixing plants
Release Time:2023-08-03
Road construction is generally a large investment project. During the actual construction of the project, it is very necessary to control the cost of the project. To control and manage the cost of the asphalt mixing plant in the road project has a huge effect on controlling the cost of the entire road project, because the main expenses of the road project are concentrated on the asphalt mix plant,  and almost all the road projects used materials are closely linked with the asphalt plants.

The price is no longer the only factor in purchasing asphalt mixing plants, now the buyers are paying more and more attention to its operating costs. to control the cost of the asphalt mix plant should start from the project budget of the road project. When making budget for an asphalt plant, the influence of various factors on the cost should be fully considered, such as: reasonable site, asphalt production materials, transportation schemes, production equipment, production process in the budget stage, It requires managers who are proficient in technical requirements and budget capabilities to make reasonable production cost budgets, and optimize the production plans of each business on the basis of ensuring production quality, thereby reducing production costs.
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During the operation of the asphalt mix plant, first of all, the coordination role of the employees should be fully utilized, and suitable operators should be equipped for different equipment operations, so as to avoid additional production costs due to improper use of employees.

Secondly, when heating the asphalt aggregate, it needs a large amount of energy materials. In the current era, energy sources is increasingly tense, and the cost of energy materials is constantly increasing. Therefore, it is necessary to make appropriate choices for these energy materials. Reasonable selection of energy materials in an economical way can effectively control the production cost of asphalt mixing plants while improving the use efficiency of energy materials.
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Thirdly, in road construction, the amount of various materials for asphalt plants  is very large, so the transportation cost is also very high, so it is necessary to make a proper  transportation plan of the materials, so as to avoid waste and achieve the goal of cost control . In order to implement the cost control of material transportation, a special transportation supervision department can be set up during the transportation of materials to carry out reasonable regulation on transportation.

In addition, before large-scale production of asphalt mixture, special attention should be paid: The temperature of the mixing pot should not be too low, otherwise the asphalt mixtures produced by the mixing pot will be unqualified, which will bring the waste of aluminum alloy mixture in use. and attention should also be paid to the correct use of cold and hot  aluminum alloy materials. Avoid the cost increase caused by improper use of boarding bridges. 

In all,When carrying out mass production of asphalt mixtures, it is necessary to weigh various factors affecting the production cost. After the production cost budget is completed,  all production should be carried out according to the budgeted plan, and in the actual production process, it is necessary to fully realize: Give full play to the coordinating role of all aspects, rationally organize production materials, select appropriate energy materials, and reasonable material transportation options, and pay attention to the details of the mixing process, so as to truly achieve effective and reasonable control of production costs.