Discuss the characteristics of modified bitumen machine
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Discuss the characteristics of modified bitumen machine
Release Time:2024-01-19
Modified material bitumen machine, if defined simply, is an bitumen separation equipment. If described in detail, it is a modified material added to bitumen, such as rubber powder or other fillers, or a blocking bitumen. Materials made of light oxidation, these. The purpose of this is to change the chemical composition of the bitumen, so that it can create a special spatial network in the bitumen to make it perform better. There are generally three types of modified bitumen, namely vulcanized rubber and thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer modified bitumen, plastic and anti-corrosion coating modified bitumen and their polymer modified bitumen compounds. At present, its application is also very extensive.
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Modified bitumen equipment, including knowledge, mainly has the following aspects: Rapid heating tank: automatic temperature control, and has a circulation system and cleaning system. Thermostatic box: It can carry out automatic temperature control, is a liquid level meter remote control indication, and has mixing and anti-overflow installation. Bitumen metering and calibration system software: The output flow rate can be automatically stabilized at the set value, and deposition is terminated in the control system. Rubber powder measurement and verification transportation system software: can automatically output the set flow value parameter and terminate accumulation in the control system. Mixing tank: automatic temperature control, weighing indicating liquid level meter.
Control system: automatic and manual. In addition, it can be operated remotely to control every system software and installation.