hot selling synchronous chip sealer advantages
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hot selling synchronous chip sealer advantages
Release Time:2019-01-10
Synchronous chip sealer is kind of special equipment used for chip sealing of road surface, bridge waterproof and lower seal coat. It realizes that asphalt binders spray and aggregates spreading perform synchronously, which makes full touch of asphalt binders and aggregates to realize their maximum cohesive performance.

synchronous chip sealer mainly consists of chassis, asphalt spray system, chip spreading system, air circuit system,water circuit system,control system,radar speed measurement system, power supply system and mixing system.
Synchronous chip sealer Advantages
Sinoroader synchronous chip sealer equipment takes the power from auxiliary engine,with stable and environmental performance;It adopts rotary paddle switch and CCD camera,which can monitor and alarm the low level of aggregates in the hopper.It uses gravity slopping hopper to realize operation in height-limit condition,such as bridges and culverts.It adopts camber chip distributing device to improve the evenness.It uses stable PLC to control the whole electric system,rear high-definition infrared cameras monitor the whole operation,which improve the working environment and efficiency.