How much does an asphalt mixing plant cost?
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How much does an asphalt mixing plant cost?
Release Time:2023-08-25
  The customer decides to purchase an asphalt mixing plant. For the user, the price is an important factor in deciding to purchase. Our sales engineers will give you advice on how to choose an asphalt plant, and will customize an asphalt mixing plant for you without paying a lot of money. With the continuous development of global transportation, the demand for asphalt mixtures is large, so how much investment is needed to invest in asphalt mixing plant?

  According to the investment in the set of HMA-B1500 batch asphalt mixing plant, the detail costs are as follows:
1. Venue rent
For an asphalt mixing plant, the most basic requirement is to have a suitable site. The area of ??the site must be large enough to meet the placement of daily equipment and the normal passage of asphalt transport vehicles. Therefore, the site rent costs $30,000 per year. The actual operating area is still needed for calculation.

2. Equipment cost
  The most indispensable thing for asphalt mixing plant is all kinds of processing equipment. Only with the equipment can asphalt mixtures be produced normally. Therefore, when investing in an asphalt plant, you need to choose mixing equipment with different outputs according to your own economic situation. The general equipment cost is in Between 30-45 million dollars.

3. Material cost
  Before the normal production of the asphalt mixing plant, it is necessary to purchase a large amount of raw materials. It is necessary to produce the corresponding asphalt according to its own order. The materials need to purchase coarse aggregate, fine aggregate, screening gravel, slag, steel slag, etc., so that it can meet different requirements. Order needs, so it costs 70-100 hundred thousand dollars.

4. Labor costs
  For an asphalt mixing plant, although it has production equipment and raw materials, it still requires a large number of employees to operate, so the labor cost of the asphalt mixing plant also needs to be taken into account. The specific number of personnel needs to be viewed according to the size of the site. Generally speaking It is necessary to prepare about 12-30 hundred thousand dollars.

5. Other expenses
  In addition to the above items that must be spent, it is also necessary to consider the operating costs of the asphalt mixing plant, water and electricity costs, qualification processing costs, and enterprise reserve funds, etc., which need about $30,000.

The above is the detailed cost of the investment in the asphalt mixing plant. To sum up, the investment needs to cost 42-72 million dollars. It depends on the size of the asphalt mixing plant.