How to maintain the asphalt mixing plant well?
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How to maintain the asphalt mixing plant well?
Release Time:2024-01-18
Under excellent design mortar mix ratio and construction conditions, the asphalt mixing plant significantly enhances the performance and high-temperature reliability of asphalt roads. This equipment has different requirements for transportation, storage and road construction. Only with proper application can the expected goals be achieved. How much do you know about this information? , we will explain in detail: emulsifiers, mixing pumps and other motors, mixing devices and gate valves should be maintained daily.
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Variable-speed pumps used to manage and control system flow should be regularly tested for accuracy and analyzed, adjusted and maintained in a timely manner. Asphalt black anti-static tweezers should be used to regularly check the matching gap between the stator and the rotor. When the minimum gap required by the equipment cannot be achieved, the company should consider replacing the rotor.
When the outdoor temperature is less than -5°C, asphalt concrete finished product tanks without thermal insulation equipment are not suitable for storing finished products and should be discharged immediately to prevent the asphalt concrete from demulsifying and locking.
Regularly check whether the terminal poles in the electronic control box are loose, whether cables are worn during transportation, and remove dust to avoid damage to equipment components. The frequency converter is an instrument, and the actual application and maintenance customer program instructions are for use.
There is a thermal oil fan coil in the mixing tank where the emulsifier solution is heated. When introducing cold water into the tank, first turn off the heat transfer oil power switch and add the required water flow before turning on heating. Pour the high-temperature thermal oil pipeline immediately. Cold water can easily cause welding cracks.