How to operate an bitumen tank to avoid losses?
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How to operate an bitumen tank to avoid losses?
Release Time:2023-12-26
As a fast, environmentally friendly and energy-saving asphalt plant, the bitumen tank adopts direct heating mobile terminal, which not only generates heat quickly, saves fuel, but also reduces environmental pollution and is easy to use. How to operate an asphalt tank to prevent losses? Asphalt tank manufacturers have a lot of in-depth and more detailed interpretations!
The automatic heating system eliminates the problem of cleaning asphalt (composition: asphaltene and resin) and pipelines. In actual applications, if you are careless, safety accidents can easily occur. Improper operation caused the asphalt tank to catch fire, and the asphalt tank also became an accident. Therefore, you should pay more attention when using asphalt tanks.
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After installing the asphalt (composition: asphaltene and resin) tank, check whether the connection of each component is smooth (expression: firm and stable; no change), tightened, and whether the operating parts are flexible. The pipeline runs smoothly. The switching power supply is properly wired. When installing asphalt, open the automatic exhaust valve to allow the asphalt to fully enter the electric heater.
Before ignition, fill the water tank (composition: high water tank, storage tank, low water tank) with water, open the valve (function: control part) to make the water level in the steam generator reach the corresponding height, and then close it gate.
When asphalt tanks are put into industrial use, potential risks and losses caused by improper operation should be avoided. It should start from four aspects: preparation, startup, production and shutdown.
Before starting the equipment, check the liquid level of the diesel engine box and heavy oil storage tank and asphalt (composition: asphaltene and resin) tank. When the oil storage capacity is 1/4, it should be filled immediately to ensure the safety of auxiliary machinery and equipment.
When opening an asphalt (composition: asphaltene and resin) fuel tank, please inspect the position of each switch before turning on the power, and pay attention to the power opening sequence of each component.
In manufacturing, the production volume should be gradually increased to create an appropriate production volume to avoid load production. When the asphalt tank is shut down, control the total output and quantity in the hot tank, and prepare the shutdown time as needed. Use proper handling of asphalt tanks to prevent losses.