How to reduce failures of bitumen decanter plant equipment?
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How to reduce failures of bitumen decanter plant equipment?
Release Time:2024-04-10
After the bitumen decanter plant is installed, you need to check whether its interfaces are firm and precise, whether the operating components are mobile, whether the piping system is smooth, and whether the power supply wiring design is It is not necessary. When loading the bitumen decanter plant equipment, please open the automatic exhaust valve so that the bitumen decanter plant can smoothly develop and enter an electric heater. During operation, please observe the water level carefully and adjust the valve so that the water level is always connected to the appropriate adjustment position.
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For large and medium-sized equipment such as asphalt decanter equipment, it is very important to conduct regular physical examinations. It will help reduce the chance of equipment failure, maintain product characteristics, and extend the service life of the product. For example, we should generally require sampling of asphalt barrels every six months. If it is found that the antioxidant content is reduced or there are residues in the oil, the reducing agent should be added immediately, liquid nitrogen should be added to the expansion tank, or the thermal oil heating equipment should be finely filtered.
In addition, during the use of the asphalt decanter plant equipment, if there is a sudden power outage or circulation failure, in addition to ventilation and cooling, cold thermal oil must also be used for replacement, that is, cold oil is added manually, and the replacement must be rapid and orderly. Carry out in an orderly manner. Be careful not to open the oil cooler and replace the oil pump too much. During the replacement process, the opening degree of the gate valve for oil replacement should be reduced from large to large, and the replacement time should be shortened as much as possible. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure that there is sufficient cold oil for replacement to avoid a diaphragm vacuum pump or oil shortage in the heat treatment furnace of the asphalt decanter equipment.