Inventory of uses of emulsified asphalt
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Inventory of uses of emulsified asphalt
Release Time:2024-06-14
Emulsified asphalt is a kind of road asphalt used at high temperatures. It is mainly diffused into water through mechanical stirring and chemical stabilization to become a road construction material with low viscosity and good fluidity at room temperature. So does anyone know what uses it has? If you don’t know, you might as well follow the editor of Sinoroader, an emulsified asphalt manufacturer, to find out.
Inventory of uses of emulsified asphalt_1Inventory of uses of emulsified asphalt_
1. Since emulsified asphalt has many characteristics and properties that asphalt materials do not have, it can be used in road upgrades and maintenance, as well as in new road construction.
2. Emulsified asphalt can also be used to prevent leakage, seepage, and moisture in construction projects. Its construction projects are mainly warehouses, workshops, bridges, tunnels, basements, roofs, reservoirs, etc.
3. Insulation materials are made of emulsified asphalt as a binder and artificial expanded perlite at room temperature. Therefore, emulsified asphalt is also the main raw material for the production of thermal insulation materials.
4. Because asphalt has waterproof, acid-resistant, alkali-resistant, antibacterial and other properties, and has good binding force with metals and many non-metal materials, emulsified asphalt can also be used for the anti-corrosion of metal and non-metal materials and their products.
5. Emulsified asphalt is also a natural soil structure improver and can also be used to improve road soil and ensure construction quality.
The uses of emulsified asphalt are not limited to the above, but there are many more, so I won’t explain them too much. If you are interested in this information, you can log on to our company's website at any time for more information.