It is urgent to strengthen awareness of road maintenance
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It is urgent to strengthen awareness of road maintenance
Release Time:2024-04-19
According to statistics, about 80% of the high-grade highways that have been completed and opened to traffic in our country are asphalt pavements. However, with the development of time, the influence of different climatic and environmental factors, and the action of high-intensity driving loads, the asphalt pavements will deteriorate. Different degrees of degradation or damage occur, and pavement maintenance is to adopt effective technical means to slow down this degradation so that the pavement can provide good service quality during its service life.
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It is understood that some companies in the United States have concluded through tracking research on hundreds of thousands of kilometers of highways of different grades and a large number of maintenance and repair practice statistics: for every one yuan invested in preventive maintenance funds, 3-10 yuan can be saved in later corrective maintenance funds. conclusion. The results of a strategic research plan on highways in the United States are also included in the expenditure. If preventive maintenance is carried out 3-4 times during the entire pavement life cycle, 45%-50% of subsequent maintenance costs can be saved. In our country, we have always been "emphasis on construction and neglect of maintenance", which to a large extent has led to a large number of early damage to the road surface, failing to meet the service level required by the design, increasing the traffic operation cost of road use, and causing Bad social impact. Therefore, the relevant highway management departments must pay attention to the maintenance of highways and prevent and reduce various diseases on the road surface, so as to ensure that our road surfaces have good service quality.