What are the maintenance techniques for modified bitumen plants?
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What are the maintenance techniques for modified bitumen plants?
Release Time:2023-10-17
As a manufacturer of modified bitumen plants, we have been engaged in the production and supply of modified bitumen equipment and other related products for many years. We know that no matter what product is used, we must have a comprehensive understanding of modified bitumen plant, the same is true for the mastery of modified bitumen equipments. Here, in order to further promote customers' mastery of it, technicians share: What are the maintenance skills for modified bitumen plant?
1. Modified bitumen plants, transfer pumps, motors, and reducers must be maintained in accordance with the requirements of the instruction manual. The characteristics of the bitumen heating tank are: fast heating, environmental protection and energy saving, large production capacity, no consumption as much as you use, no aging, and easy operation. All accessories are on the storage tank, which is very convenient for moving, hoisting, and maintenance. It is very convenient to move around. This product generally does not heat hot bitumen at 160 degrees for more than 30 minutes.
2. The dust in the control box must be removed once every six months. You can use a dust blower to remove dust to prevent dust from entering the machine and damaging parts. Modified bitumen equipment fills the shortcomings of traditional high-temperature thermal oil heating equipment with long heating time and high energy consumption. The partial heater installed in the bitumen tank is suitable for bitumen storage and heating in transportation and municipal systems.
3. Unsalted butter must be added once for every 100 tons of demulsified bitumen produced by the micron powder machine.
4. After using the modified bitumen mixing device, the oil level gauge must be checked frequently.
5. If the modified bitumen equipment is parked for a long time, the liquid in the tank and pipeline must be drained, and each moving component must be filled with grease.