Precautions for the application of emulsified asphalt equipment
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Precautions for the application of emulsified asphalt equipment
Release Time:2024-05-08
According to the mobility, configuration and layout of emulsified asphalt equipment, it can be divided into three types: mobile, portable and fixed. Moreover, their models are different, and the matters that need to be paid attention to in production are slightly different, but they are roughly the same. Therefore, in order to let everyone better understand and use emulsified asphalt equipment, the editor of Sinosun Company would like to explain to you what problems need to be paid attention to when using emulsified asphalt equipments.
Emulsified asphalt equipment is a mechanical equipment that combines emulsifier blending device, emulsifier, asphalt pump, control system, etc. During production, the viscosity of asphalt will decrease with the increase of temperature, and its dynamic viscosity will decrease by about one time for every increase of 12℃.
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In order to avoid the demulsification caused by excessive water content in the finished product of emulsified asphalt machinery during use, the temperature of the base asphalt cannot be heated too high, and the finished product temperature at the outlet of the colloid mill must be controlled to be less than 85℃.
During production, the base asphalt needs to be heated to a liquid state by emulsified asphalt plant before emulsification. At the same time, in order to adapt to the emulsification capacity of the colloid mill, the base asphalt dynamic viscosity must be controlled to about 200cst. In addition, the editor of Kaimai Highway Maintenance reminds everyone that the lower the temperature, the higher the viscosity, which will increase the burden on the asphalt pump and the colloid mill, making it difficult to emulsify.
It can be seen that the control methods of temperature, viscosity, etc. in the production process of emulsified asphalt equipments are areas that require special attention. Therefore, the editor of Sinosun Company recommends that everyone should operate reasonably according to the instructions for use of the equipment to ensure that the performance is fully utilized. For more information about emulsified asphalt machine, low-noise anti-skid fine surfacing, fine anti-skid surface treatment, fiber synchronous macadam seal, super-viscous fiber micro-surfacing, Cape seal and other related needs or questions, please feel free to contact us.