Precautions when using road construction machinery and equipment
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Precautions when using road construction machinery and equipment
Release Time:2024-06-26
When constructing highways, the use of road construction machinery has always been a major issue worthy of attention. A series of issues such as the quality of highway completion are closely related to this. Repair and maintenance of road construction machinery are the guarantee for completing production tasks. Correctly handling the use, maintenance and repair of machinery is a crucial issue in the mechanized construction of modern highway construction enterprises.
For most companies, profitability is the goal on the road to development. The maintenance cost of equipment will affect the economic benefits of the company. Therefore, when using road construction machinery, how to tap its deep potential has become the expectation of highway mechanized construction companies.
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In fact, good maintenance and repair are the effective means to maximize the efficiency of excavation machinery. As long as you change some bad habits in the past and pay attention not only to the use of road construction machinery during construction, but also to the maintenance of the machinery, you can effectively extend the service life of the machinery. This is equivalent to reducing the maintenance cost of machinery and ensuring the quality of the project.
Regarding how to maintain and maintain road construction machinery well so that possible machine failures can be resolved before major problems occur, maintenance matters can be clarified in specific management regulations: stipulate maintenance for 2-3 days before the end of the month; Lubricate parts that need lubrication; clean the entire machine regularly to keep the equipment clean.
After daily work, keep a simple cleaning of the whole road construction machinery to keep it clean and tidy; remove some residual materials in the equipment in time to reduce losses; remove dust from all components of the whole machine, and lubricate parts Add butter to ensure good lubrication of the lubricating parts of the whole machine, reducing the wear of wearing parts, thereby reducing mechanical failures due to wear; check each fastener and wearing parts, and solve any problems in time if found. Eliminate certain faults before they occur and take preventive measures.
Although these tasks may affect the progress of some production tasks, the utilization rate and output value of road construction machinery have been improved, and accidents such as delays in construction due to equipment damage have also been greatly reduced.