Relevant knowledge about SBS modified bitumen masterbatch
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Relevant knowledge about SBS modified bitumen masterbatch
Release Time:2024-06-24
Use SBS as the main material to screen suitable compatibilizers and their formulas. Use an ordinary mixer to add a certain proportion of masterbatch to the reactor, heat and mix it with various matrix bitumens at about 160°C, and make the masterbatch through a granulation process.
Since polymer-modified bitumen requires the use of special equipment such as large colloid mills for processing, and only polymers are used to blend modified bitumen, it is mainly a simple physical blend, and there is no chemical bonding between the polymer modifier and the matrix bitumen. The stability of the mixed system is poor, and the compounding technology of SBS and matching compatibilizer to make SBS modified bitumen masterbatch improves the viscosity flow behavior of a single SBS modifier and reduces the temperature of the viscosity flow zone of the masterbatch. , the blending temperature is reduced from 180~190℃ to 160℃, and the use of conventional mixing equipment can meet the uniform dispersion and mixing of polymer and bitumen, thereby reducing the production rigor and saving production costs.
Refined styrene + refined solution + refined butadiene + antioxidant → polymerization → reaction blending → post-processing, packaging
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