Sinoroader SRLS series intelligent asphalt spreader trucks
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Sinoroader SRLS series intelligent asphalt spreader trucks
Release Time:2023-09-14
The main functions of the SRLS series intelligent asphalt spreader trucks are roughly the same as those of the standard type, except for the addition of a control system for the rear working platform. The asphalt spray pole adopts a three-section folding structure, which is easy to operate and sprays evenly. There is a thermal insulation layer on the outside of the heat pipe, which can reduce heat dissipation and avoid burns. The vehicle has strong carrying capacity, large carrying capacity and high work efficiency. It has a spray system, thermal oil heating system, hydraulic system, combustion system, control system, pneumatic system, and powerful functions.

The SRLS series intelligent asphalt spreader truck is a liquid asphalt road construction machine that can spray hot asphalt, emulsified asphalt, and residual oil. Can be used to transport and spread liquid asphalt. It is mainly used for surface treatment by asphalt penetration method, permeable layer, sticky layer, in-situ mixing of mixture, and asphalt stabilized soil. It can be used for upper and lower sealing layers, permeable layers, and protective layers of highway pavements of different grades. Construction of water layer, bonding layer, asphalt surface treatment, asphalt poured pavement, fog seal layer and other projects. Asphalt spreading trucks with large capacity can be used as asphalt delivery vehicles.
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The interior configuration of the SRLS series intelligent asphalt spreader truck: the multi-function steering wheel is easy to operate, which greatly improves driving safety. Car-like design makes the ride more comfortable. The cab is full of design. The vehicle design is fashionable and meets the aesthetic appeal of contemporary young people. Improve driving pleasure and ensure safety. The interior is stylish, sophisticated and durable. The interior design is youthful, more convenient to operate, beautiful and fashionable.

Installation configuration of SRLS series intelligent asphalt spreader trucks: Thermal transfer oil is used to heat tank pipes and asphalt pumps. A float-type liquid level gauge is installed inside the welded tank of the entire vehicle. The vehicle is equipped with an independent knob-type console, potentiometer adjustment, and digital display. Install display touch screen control system. The asphalt temperature and thermal oil temperature can be accurately set. A bimetal thermometer is installed outside the tank.

Chassis configuration of SRLS series intelligent asphalt spreader truck: full interior interior, cruise control, air conditioning, ABS, electric glass doors and windows. 8-speed gearbox. Vehicle length, width and height: 7.62 meters, 2.35 meters, 3.2 meters. The headlights adopt an irregular polygonal design, and the low beam lights have lenses that can gather light.

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