Technical features of fiber synchronized gravel sealing vehicle
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Technical features of fiber synchronized gravel sealing vehicle
Release Time:2024-01-15
Preventive maintenance of pavement is an active maintenance method that has been widely promoted in my country in recent years. Its concept is to take appropriate measures at the right time on the right road section when the road surface has not undergone structural damage and the service performance has declined to a certain extent. Maintenance measures are taken to maintain the performance of the pavement at a good level, extend the service life of the pavement, and save pavement maintenance funds. At present, preventive maintenance technologies commonly used at home and abroad include fog seal, slurry seal, micro-surfacing, simultaneous gravel seal, fiber seal, thin layer overlay, asphalt regeneration treatment and other maintenance measures.
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Fiber synchronized gravel seal is a new preventive maintenance technology introduced from abroad. This technology uses a dedicated fiber synchronized gravel seal spreading equipment to simultaneously spread (sprinkle) asphalt binder and glass fiber, and then spread it on top The aggregate is rolled and then sprayed with asphalt binder to form a new structural layer. Fiber synchronized gravel sealing is widely used in some developed areas abroad, and is a relatively new maintenance technology in my country. The fiber synchronized gravel sealing technology has the following advantages: it can effectively improve the comprehensive mechanical properties of the sealing layer such as tensile, shear, compressive and impact strength. At the same time, it can open to traffic quickly after the construction is completed, has excellent skid resistance, and has good water seepage resistance. , especially for effective preventive protection of original asphalt concrete pavement, thereby extending the maintenance cycle and service life of the pavement.
Construction: Before construction, a screening machine is used to screen the aggregates twice to eliminate the influence of irregular aggregates. The fiber synchronous gravel seal is constructed using special synchronous gravel seal paving equipment.
The specific construction process of the fiber synchronous gravel seal is: after the first layer of modified emulsified asphalt and glass fiber are sprayed simultaneously, the aggregate is spread. The full paving rate should reach about 120%. The amount of asphalt spread is generally 0.15 of the amount of pure asphalt. ~0.25kg/m2 control; use a rubber tire roller of more than 16t to roll it 2 to 3 times, and control the rolling speed at 2.5 to 3.5km/h; then use aggregate recovery equipment to clean the loose aggregate; ensure that the road surface is basically free of When the particles are loose, spray a second layer of modified emulsified asphalt. The amount of asphalt spread is generally controlled at 0.10~0.15kg/m2 of pure asphalt. After the traffic is closed for 2~6 hours, it can be opened to vehicle traffic.