The important role of slurry sealing technology in highway maintenance
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The important role of slurry sealing technology in highway maintenance
Release Time:2024-02-07
As road maintenance becomes increasingly important, slurry sealing trucks play a huge role in road maintenance. In highway maintenance, the main material of slurry sealing technology is emulsified asphalt, and its main functions are: The following aspects.
First, the slurry seal technical maintenance station improves the waterproof function of the road surface. This function is inseparable from the diverse composition and small particle size of the slurry mixture. These features allow it to form a tight surface after paving. Materials with smaller particle sizes can improve the bonding degree of the original pavement to a greater extent and better prevent rain or snow from penetrating into the pavement base layer. In short, because the materials of the slurry sealing technology not only have small particle sizes but also have a certain gradation, the stability of the pavement base layer and soil layer is greatly improved, and the permeability coefficient of the pavement is reduced.
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Second, the slurry seal increases the friction of the road surface and improves the anti-skid effect of the road surface. The key point of paving the slurry mixture is uniformity, so the thickness of the asphalt should be uniform and appropriate materials should be used to avoid excessive pavement thickness. This process is an important factor in ensuring the quality of the road surface, so that it will not suffer from excessive slickness and oil spilling during the slurry sealing process, which will lead to reduced friction on the road surface and make the road surface too slippery and unsuitable for use. On the contrary, most roads maintained by slurry sealing technology have rough surfaces with appropriate roughness, and the friction coefficient increases appropriately and remains within a good applicable range. This is the key to ensuring the quality of transportation, thus greatly improving the quality of transportation. improve the safety of road operations.
Third, the slurry sealing layer fills the road surface better, increasing the smoothness of the road surface and making it easier to drive. Since the slurry mixture is formed after sufficient moisture is combined, it contains more moisture. This not only ensures its good fluidity, but also plays a certain role in filling the fine cracks in the asphalt pavement. Once the cracks are filled, they will no longer affect the smoothness of the road surface. Original highways often suffer from loose threshing and uneven pavement. Slurry sealing technology has improved these problems to a great extent, ensuring the smoothness of the road surface, improving the quality of the road surface, and reducing the difficulty of driving.
Fourth, slurry sealing technology improves the wear resistance of the road, reduces damage to the road, and extends the service life of the road. The main material used in slurry seal is emulsified asphalt. The advantage of emulsified asphalt is mainly reflected in its high adhesion to acid and alkaline mineral materials, which greatly enhances the bonding between the slurry and the road surface.
Fifth, the slurry seal can maintain the appearance of the road surface. During the long-term use of highways, the surface will be worn, whitened, aged and dry, and other phenomena that affect the appearance. These phenomena will be greatly improved after maintenance with slurry sealing technology.