Three characteristics of emulsified bitumen production equipment
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Three characteristics of emulsified bitumen production equipment
Release Time:2024-05-06
Emulsified bitumen production equipment is a mechanical device used to melt bitumen and then mechanically shear it, dispersing it in an aqueous solution containing an emulsifier in the form of tiny droplets to form an oil-in-water bitumen emulsion. Do you know what performance characteristics it has when it is used? If you don't know, follow the technicians of Sinosun company to take a look. The technicians of Sinosun company, a manufacturer of emulsified bitumen  equipment, summarized the characteristics of emulsified bitumen plant into the following 3 points:
Three characteristics of emulsified bitumen production equipment_1Three characteristics of emulsified bitumen production equipment_2
1. The emulsified bitumen plant uses a combination method to match various parts of the equipment together, which is convenient for moving and disassembling. 
2. The emulsified asphalt production equipment also connects the core parts such as the control cabinet, pump, metering device, colloid mill together and puts them into a standard container, so it can work when connected to the pipeline and power supply, so it is more convenient to use and operate.
3. The emulsified bitumen production equipment has a relatively high degree of automation, which can better automatically control the amount of bitumen, water, emulsion and various additives, and can also automatically compensate, record and correct according to the situation. The above are the relevant features of emulsified asphalt production equipment shared by Sinosun company. I hope it can help you to have a deeper understanding and use it. If you are interested in this information, you can continue to pay attention to our website for more relevant information.