Three major systems of asphalt mixing plant
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Three major systems of asphalt mixing plant
Release Time:2023-12-06
Cold material supply system:
The volume of the bin and the number of hoppers can be selected according to the user (8 cubic meters, 10 cubic meters or 18 cubic meters are optional), and up to 10 hoppers can be equipped.
The silo adopts a split design, which can effectively reduce the transportation size and ensure the hopper volume.
It adopts a seamless ring belt, which has reliable performance and long service life. The extraction belt machine adopts a flat belt and baffle design, which is easy to maintain and replace.
Using variable frequency motor, it can achieve stepless speed regulation and control, which is environmentally friendly and energy-saving.
Three major systems of asphalt mixing plant_1Three major systems of asphalt mixing plant_2
Drying system:
The original imported ABS low-pressure medium burner is highly efficient and energy-saving. It has a variety of fuels such as diesel, heavy oil, natural gas and composite fuels, and the burner is optional.
The drying cylinder adopts a special design with high heat exchange efficiency and low heat loss.
The drum blades are made of high-temperature-resistant special wear-resistant steel plates with long practical life.
Italian energy burner controller ignition device.
The roller drive system uses ABB or Siemens motors and SEW reducers as options.

Electrical control system:
The electrical control system adopts a distributed system composed of industrial control computers and programmable controllers (PLC) to achieve fully automated control of the production process of the plant mixing equipment. It has the following main functions:
Automatic control and status monitoring of equipment startup/shutdown process.
Coordination and control of the working mechanisms of each system during the production process of equipment.
The ignition process control of the burner, automatic flame control and flame monitoring, and abnormal status processing function.
Set various process recipes, automatic weighing and measurement of various materials, automatic compensation of flying materials and secondary measurement and control of asphalt.
Linkage control of burner, bag dust collector and induced draft fan.
Fault alarm and display the cause of the alarm.
Complete production management functions, capable of storing, querying, and printing historical production reports.