Usage requirements and operating procedures of asphalt mixing plant equipment
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Usage requirements and operating procedures of asphalt mixing plant equipment
Release Time:2023-10-23
When the asphalt mixing equipment is working, the mixing plant staff must wear work clothes. The inspection personnel and cooperating workers of the mixing building outside the control room must wear safety helmets and strictly wear sandals when working. The requirements of asphalt mixing equipment during the operation of the asphalt mixing plant.
1. Before starting the machine, the operator in the control room must sound the horn to warn. People around the equipment should leave the risk position after hearing the horn sound. The controller can only turn on the machine after confirming the safety of people outside.
2. When the equipment is in operation, staff cannot carry out maintenance of the equipment without authorization. Maintenance can be carried out under the premise of ensuring safety. At the same time, the control room operator must understand that the control room operator can only open the equipment after obtaining the approval of outside personnel. machine.
The needs of asphalt mixing plant during the maintenance period of the mixing building.
1. People must wash their safety belts when working at heights.
2. When someone is working inside the machine, someone needs to be taken care of outside. At the same time, the power supply of the mixer should be disconnected. The control room operator cannot start it without permission from outside personnel.
Asphalt mixing equipment has requirements for forklifts. When the forklift is feeding materials on the site, pay attention to the people in front of and behind the truck. When feeding materials to the cold hopper, you must pay attention to the speed and position, and do not hit the equipment.
Smoking and making fires are not allowed within 3 meters of the diesel tank and the oil drum where the brush truck is placed. Those who put oil must ensure that the oil cannot spill out; when putting bitumen, be sure to check the amount of bitumen in the middle tank first. The pump can only be opened to discharge asphalt after the entire gate is opened. Smoking on the asphalt tank is strictly prohibited.

Asphalt mixing plants operation process:
1. The motor part shall be carried out in accordance with the relevant provisions of the general operating procedures.
2. Clean the scene and check whether the protective devices of each part are safe and reliable, and whether the fire protection supplies are complete and effective.
3. Check whether all components are intact, whether all transmission components are loose, and whether all connecting bolts are tight and reliable.
4. Check whether each grease and grease is sufficient, whether the oil level in the reducer is appropriate, and whether the amount of special oil in the pneumatic system is normal.
5. Check whether the quantity, quality or specifications and other performance parameters of powder, mineral powder, bitumen, fuel and water meet production requirements.