what are the advantages of synchronous gravel sealing truck
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what are the advantages of synchronous gravel sealing truck
Release Time:2023-11-14
Synchronized gravel sealing technology uses a synchronous gravel sealing truck to spread asphalt and gravel on the road surface or base layer simultaneously, and then rolls it over multiple times with tire rollers and driving vehicles to form a combination of asphalt and gravel. The gravel wearing layer of the material. The main purpose of gravel sealing is to spread gravel to prevent wheels from damaging the asphalt layer, change the macrostructure of the road, improve the braking capacity of the road, repair minor pavement diseases, and prevent the intrusion of base and foundation water. It can be used in various grades of old asphalt concrete road surface sealing layers, waterproof bonding layers for transforming old cement pavements into asphalt pavements, lower sealing layers of expressways and high-grade highways, bridge deck waterproofing layers and rural road construction, etc. Paving an upper sealing layer can enhance the anti-slip and waterproof properties of the original road surface; paving a lower sealing layer can enhance the waterproofing properties of the base layer and prevent moisture from penetrating into the base layer and causing damage to the base layer.
The aggregate particle size used in the synchronous gravel sealing layer is equal to the thickness of the sealing layer. The load is mainly borne by the aggregates, and the asphalt binder mainly plays a role in stabilizing the aggregates. Since asphalt and aggregate are bonded by spreading aggregate in the asphalt layer, only about 2/3 of the surface of the stone is covered with asphalt, and the remaining 1/3 is exposed outside the asphalt layer and is in direct contact with the external environment. Compared with other road maintenance technologies, the main advantages of synchronous gravel sealing are:
①Low cost;
②Highly waterproof, wear-resistant and anti-slip;
③Rapid construction and rapid opening of traffic;
④There is no asphalt on the surface, which reduces reflections when driving at night;
⑤The color of the road surface is slightly lighter, which reduces the absorption of sunlight and lowers the road temperature in summer;
⑥Prevent water splashing on rainy days;
⑦The natural rough texture is beautiful.
The synchronous gravel sealing truck is an intelligent new construction machine that enables the asphalt spreading and aggregate spreading during construction to be carried out simultaneously in the same equipment at the same time, and organically combines the two construction techniques. In order to ensure construction quality, it must have some key technologies and special requirements, mainly including:
①Reasonable asphalt spraying device to ensure precise adjustment and control of spray volume and uniformity;
②Reasonable asphalt temperature control system;
③Precise gravel spreading adjustment and control device;
④The spraying of asphalt and the spreading of gravel must be highly consistent.