What are the main configuration systems of emulison bitumen equipment?
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What are the main configuration systems of emulison bitumen equipment?
Release Time:2023-12-25
The main configuration system of emulison bitumen (composition: asphaltene and resin) equipments:
1. The emulsifying machine is the key part of the equipment (explanation: a metaphor for an important part of something). It is mainly produced by the shear force generated by the high-speed operation between the stator (composed of: stator core, stator winding and machine base) and the rotor. It plays the role of grinding and dispersing materials.
2. The bitumen (component: asphaltene and resin) configuration system should have the functions of heating, temperature control, and heat preservation, and should have a certain capacity that can meet production for 1-3 hours. Bitumen configuration systems generally consist of tanks, heaters, temperature controllers, mixers, liquid level controllers, etc.
3. The soap mixing system consists of a hot water tank, a soap tank and corresponding pipelines. All parts in the soap mixing system that come into contact with the soap are treated with anti-corrosion (meaning: decay, disappearance, erosion, etc.) materials and techniques to increase the service life of the system.
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4. Latex system, the latex is injected into the colloid mill from the pump through the flow meter. The flow rate needs to be set by the speed adjustment mechanism to set the speed of the emulsion pump to obtain the required emulsion/latex ratio. The latex tank does not need to be heated, a stirring device needs to be added, and the tank needs to be made of anti-corrosion materials.
5. The metering control system supplies asphalt, water, emulsifiers and additives in a certain proportion, and changes in temperature, pressure, flow (unit: cubic meters per second), mix ratio and other factors during the continuous movement. Implement detection and control to achieve stable production of high-quality emulison bitumen. The asphalt tank is a series of "internally heated local rapid asphalt storage heater devices". It is an excellent domestic emulison bitumen equipment that integrates fast heating, energy saving and environmental protection. The direct product among the Thermal portable equipment not only has fast heating speed, saves fuel, but also does not pollute the environment. It is easy to operate and the automatic preheating system completely eliminates the trouble of baking or cleaning bitumen and pipes.
6. Plate heat exchange cooling cycle system. The emulison bitumen (composition: asphaltene and resin) passes through the plate heat exchanger and is cooled by water circulation before entering the finished product storage tank to enhance the storage stability (explanation: stable and stable; no change) of the bitumen. The heating tank uses an organic heat carrier (thermal oil) as the heat transfer medium, a coal, gas or oil burner as the heat source, and forced circulation by a hot oil pump to heat the bitumen to the use temperature.
7. The electrical system is mainly composed of the control system of each motor, the power supply, each actuator and the electrical display system. The modified bitumen equipment is mixed with rubber, resin, high molecular polymer, finely ground rubber powder or other fillers. Bitumenbinder made by adding an agent (modifier), or taking measures such as mild oxidation processing of bitumen to improve the performance of asphalt or asphalt mixture.
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