What is Medium Cracked Liquid Bitumen Emulsifier?
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What is Medium Cracked Liquid Bitumen Emulsifier?
Release Time:2024-03-11
Scope of application:
The permeable layer and adhesive layer of asphalt pavement construction and the gravel sealing bonding material used as a waterproof layer. After years of use, it has been found that this type of bitumen emulsifier is suitable for areas with hard water.

product description:
This bitumen emulsifier is a liquid cationic bitumen emulsifier. Good fluidity, easy to add and use. During the bitumen emulsification test, a small amount of addition can emulsify, and the emulsification effect is good.
Medium cracked liquid bitumen emulsifier_1Medium cracked liquid bitumen emulsifier_2
Technical indicators
Model: TTPZ2
Appearance: Transparent or off-white liquid
Active content: 40%-50%
PH value: 6-7
Dosage: 0.6-1.2% emulsified bitumen per ton
Packaging: 200kg/barrel

According to the capacity of the soap tank of the emulsion bitumen equipment, weigh the bitumen emulsifier according to the dosage in the technical indicators. Add the weighed emulsifier into the soap tank, stir and heat to 60-65°C, and the bitumen to 120-130°C. After the water temperature and bitumen temperature reach the standard, emulsified bitumen production begins. (If you have any questions, please refer to: How to add bitumen emulsifier.)

Kindly tips:
Do not expose to the sun. Store in a dark, cool and sealed place, or according to the storage requirements on the packaging barrel.