What should we pay attention to when producing emulsion bitumen equipment?
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What should we pay attention to when producing emulsion bitumen equipment?
Release Time:2024-03-08
With the rapid development of maritime transportation and frequent international trade exchanges, the economy has become globalized, and the asphalt machine industry is no exception. More and more asphalt equipment is exported. However, since the usage environment of asphalt equipment abroad is different from that in China, domestic companies need to pay attention to some issues when producing asphalt equipment. What specific issues should be paid attention to will be introduced by us who have many years of processing, manufacturing and exporting asphalt equipment.
First of all, there are a series of problems caused by different power supplies:
What should we pay attention to when producing emulsion bitumen equipment_1What should we pay attention to when producing emulsion bitumen equipment_2
1. The power supply voltage in many countries is different from ours. The domestic industrial phase voltage is 380V, but it is different abroad. For example, some countries in South America use 440v or 460v, and some countries in Southeast Asia use 415v. Because of the difference in voltage, we have to reselect electrical components, motors, etc.
2. The power frequency is different. There are two standards for power frequency in the world, my country is 50HZ, and many countries are 60hz. Simple differences in frequency will cause differences in motor speed, temperature rise, and torque. These must be taken into consideration during the production and design process. Often a detail determines whether the equipment can operate normally in a foreign country.
3. As the motor speed changes, the flow rate of the corresponding asphalt pump and emulsion pump will increase accordingly. How to choose the appropriate pipe diameter, economical flow rate, etc. Needs to be recalculated based on Bernoulli's equation.
Secondly, there are problems caused by different climate environments. Most of my country is in the temperate zone and belongs to the temperate continental monsoon climate. Except for a few individual provinces, domestic electrical, motor, diesel engines, etc. were all taken into consideration in the design standards at that time. All domestic emulsion bitumen equipment has relatively good domestic adaptability. Emulsion bitumen equipment exported to foreign countries may be acclimatized due to the local climate. The main factors are as follows:
1. Humidity. Some countries are hot and humid and rainy, resulting in high humidity, which affects the insulation level of electrical components. The first set of emulsion bitumen equipment we exported to Vietnam was difficult to operate because of this reason. Later, there were corresponding changes for such countries.
2. Temperature. The bitumen emulsion equipment itself is a piece of equipment that requires heating to operate. The operating environment is relatively high. If it is used in a domestic environment, after so many years of experience, there will be no problem with the configuration of each component. Emulsified asphalt cannot operate in low temperature environments (below 0°C), so we will not discuss low temperatures. The temperature rise of the motor caused by the high temperature environment becomes larger, and the internal motor temperature is higher than the designed value. This will cause insulation failure and failure to operate. Therefore, the temperature of the exporting country must also be considered.