Application of asphalt and emulsified asphalt in asphalt pavement
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Application of asphalt and emulsified asphalt in asphalt pavement
Release Time:2024-03-27
Asphalt pavement has better elasticity and flexibility than cement pavement, and the driving comfort is higher than cement pavement. In recent years, asphalt pavement has been widely used. Asphalt is a common road surface material. Asphalt and certain graded stones are mixed in an asphalt mixing station to form a hot asphalt mixture, which is laid on the road surface and rolled. This is a relatively common way of use. Asphalt can also be produced into emulsified asphalt and sprayed between the layers of hot asphalt mixture to serve as a bonding and waterproofing agent. So what is emulsified asphalt?
Application of asphalt and emulsified asphalt in asphalt pavement_2Application of asphalt and emulsified asphalt in asphalt pavement_1
Emulsified asphalt is produced by heating an aqueous solution of asphalt and emulsifier through emulsified asphalt production equipment. Emulsified asphalt is a brown liquid under normal conditions. It is liquid at normal temperature and is easy to store. The construction method is simple and there is no heat or pollution during construction. Emulsified asphalt, also known as liquid asphalt, is a type of liquid asphalt.
In asphalt pavement engineering, emulsified asphalt can be used in new pavements and road maintenance. The newly constructed pavement mainly consists of permeable layer, adhesive layer and slurry seal layer. In terms of road maintenance, for example: fog seal, slurry seal, modified slurry seal, micro surfacing, fine surfacing, etc.
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