Cold recycled bitumen emulsifier product introduction
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Cold recycled bitumen emulsifier product introduction
Release Time:2024-03-11
The brief introdction:
Cold recycled bitumen emulsifier is an emulsifier designed for the cold recycling process of bitumen. In applications such as plant cold regeneration and on-site cold regeneration, this emulsifier can reduce the surface tension of bitumen and disperse the bitumen in water to form a uniform and stable emulsion. This emulsion has good compatibility with the stone, allowing sufficient mixing time, thereby improving the bonding force between the bitumen and the stone, and enhancing the durability and stability of the road surface.
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1. Weigh according to the soap tank capacity of the emulsion bitumen equipment and the dosage of bitumen emulsifier.
2. Heat the water temperature to 60-65℃, then pour it into the soap tank.
3. Add the weighed emulsifier into the soap tank and stir evenly.
4. Start the production of emulsified bitumen after heating the asphalt to 120-130 ℃.

Kindly tips:
In order to ensure the quality and performance of cold recycled bitumen emulsifier, the following points should be noted during storage:
1. Store away from light: Avoid direct sunlight to avoid affecting the performance of the emulsifier.
2. Store in a cool and dry place: Store in a cool and dry place.
3. Sealed storage: Make sure the storage container is well sealed to prevent external factors from adversely affecting the emulsifier.

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