What are the technical advantages of Cape sealing?
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What are the technical advantages of Cape sealing?
Release Time:2024-05-15
Cape seal is a composite surface wearing layer formed by laying an overlay on top of the synchronized gravel seal. In order to further improve road performance, fiber-synchronous gravel seals or fiber overlays can also be used for construction. The gravel seal bonding materials can be modified emulsified asphalt, rubber asphalt, SBS modified asphalt and other materials.
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1) Under the double protection of the composite structure, the Cape seal can effectively prevent rainwater from entering the pavement structure, thereby preventing pavement damage.
2) Effectively improve the technical condition of the road surface. Cape seal can enhance the anti-skid performance of the road surface and prevent the development of reflective cracks. It can also effectively control road noise and greatly improve comfort on the basis of improving driving safety. Combined with precision milling technology, it can also greatly improve Road surface smoothness.
3) It has a certain degree of repair effect on pavement diseases. The use of gravel seals can slow down the occurrence of reflective cracks on cement concrete pavements, and at the same time repair problems such as spalling, exposed bones, and reduced skid resistance on cement pavements.
4) The construction speed is fast and the development traffic is early. During the construction of the Kaipu sealing layer, large-scale special machinery and equipment are used in every link. Not only is the quality easy to control, but the construction speed is fully guaranteed.
5) Construction is carried out at normal temperature, no toxic gases are produced, and there is almost no adverse impact on construction workers and the environment.
6) Cape sealing layer has significant economic and social benefits due to its stable quality, long service life and good durability.
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