What is hook series bitumen decanter plant?
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What is hook series bitumen decanter plant?
Release Time:2023-10-13
The hook series bitumen decanter plant device developed and produced by our company has a self-heating integrated structure. This equipment is equivalent to the perfect combination of the thermal oil boiler and the asphalt barrel removal equipment. The equipment uses a diesel burner as the heat source, and uses hot air and thermal oil heating coils to heat and remove barreled asphalt and melt it into a liquid state.

This bitumen decanter plant can ensure the quality of asphalt heating. In addition to retaining the advantages of the hook series equipment, it has the characteristics of higher thermal efficiency, smaller space occupation, easier installation, convenient transfer and transportation, and low transportation cost than the hook series equipment. The equipment has beautiful appearance, reasonable and compact arrangement, stable and reliable performance, and is suitable for asphalt barrel removal production under various working conditions.
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This equipment adopts a closed box structure with an automatic spring door. The barrel loading method is to hoist the barrel by an aerial crane, and the hydraulic thruster pushes and slides the barrel into the barrel. The equipment's own diesel burner is used as the heat source.

The bitumen decanter mainly consists of a barrel removal box, a lifting and loading mechanism, a barrel turner, an asphalt barrel connecting plate, a dripping asphalt recovery system, a barrel turner, a diesel burner, a built-in combustion chamber, a hydraulic propulsion system, a flue heating system, and heat conduction It is composed of oil heating system, asphalt pumping system, automatic temperature control system, automatic liquid level alarm system, electrical control system and other parts. All components are installed on (inside) the barrel removal equipment body to form an integral structure.