What is modified asphalt and its classification?
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What is modified asphalt and its classification?
Release Time:2024-06-20
Modified asphalt is to add external admixtures (modifiers) such as rubber, resin, high molecular polymers, finely ground rubber powder or other fillers, or take measures such as mild oxidation processing of the asphalt to make the asphalt or asphalt mixture The performance of the asphalt binder can be improved.
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There are two mechanisms for modifying asphalt. One is to change the chemical composition of asphalt, and the other is to make the modifier evenly distributed in the asphalt to form a certain spatial network structure.
Rubber and thermoplastic elastomer modified asphalt
Including: natural rubber modified asphalt, SBS modified asphalt (the most widely used), styrene-butadiene rubber modified asphalt, chloroprene rubber modified asphalt, butyl rubber modified asphalt, butyl rubber modified asphalt, waste rubber and regeneration Rubber modified asphalt, other rubber modified asphalt (such as ethylene propylene rubber, nitrile rubber, etc.).Plastic and synthetic resin modified asphalt
Including: polyethylene modified asphalt, ethylene-vinyl acetate polymer modified asphalt, polystyrene modified asphalt, coumarin resin modified asphalt, epoxy resin modified asphalt, α-olefin random polymer modification asphalt.
Blended polymer modified asphalt
Two or more polymers are added to asphalt at the same time to modify the asphalt. The two or more polymers mentioned here can be two separate polymers, or they can be a so-called polymer alloy that has been blended in advance to form a polymer interpenetrating network.